Staircase Painting and Staining Stairs

Staircase Painting and Staining

Your staircases are one of the most used parts of your home. Sometimes, however, stairs are the first to get overlooked or forgotten.But modern trends in interior decorating have seen staining staircases, treads, risers, stringers, steps, runners, rails, and spindles on the rise.
One decorator estimates that 90% of hardwood stairs have been stained or painted.
Why should you show your stairs love?
Protect the Down-Trodden
Your stairs see a lot in their life. Staircase staining or painting stairs protects the wood from the normal wear and tear of an active household, and a small bit of care can lengthen the life of the stairs in the future. Painted stairs and stained staircase can also decrease the chances of injuries resulting from damaged wood.
Health Check-up
Painting is a good way to check the health of your staircases. Is any wood rotted or warped? Does the stairs need to be sanded or replaced? Are there any dents or any areas that need to be patched? Show your stairs you care by fixing them up.
The Silent Treatment
Stained staircase, especially if accompanied by a thorough inspection and some spot fixes, can lose those creaks and groans that gets you irritated.
New Color, New Life
Stairs can be painted or stained to match the rest of your decorating and make your home stand out. Painted stairs can add value to your home when you are preparing your home for sale and increase appeal to potential buyers.
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