NkyPro Painters etc History

NkyPro Painting etc History

Our Company History : Where it all began, in 2005

It’s funny how I ventured into the painting business. Though it actually started by coincidence. In 2005, I was studying criminal justice in Cincinnati State College. I met a friend in my first year that introduced me to the painting business.

When I was a kid, I remembered my dad running business his entire life. Hence, it was also my dream to run my own business one day.
I saw a chance of success running a summer painting business.

As a student I made my researches and gained the courage to venture into painting business.After graduating from Cincinnati State College and having knowledge of the painting business, I decided to keep my painting business going since I was enjoying it and dreamt of becoming a lifetime painting contractor. This was how my career as a professional painting contractor started. Since then, I have been thrilled to satisfy thousands of clients.