Condominium Painting

Condominium Painting

Condominium and apartment painting is similar to home painting, however there are procedures and rules we have to abide by because each particular establishment have its own rules. Parking regulations, specific working hours and specific loading guidelines are all unique to each establishment.
At NkyPro Painting etc. we take each establishment rules important to ensure that the painting job is done right, in good time, and with least disruption, we have also painted exterior cement balconies of condos. We have painted hundreds of Downtown condominiums apartment complexes and will continue to ride this huge condominium boom in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Area.

Why should you think about repainting your condo in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati area?

  • A condo paint job can make small rooms seem bigger or even make condo ceilings look higher.

Efficiently utilize what you have, bright or light colours for condo will give proper lighting and make rooms with windows seem even larger. But those aren’t your only options; paint comes in different range of colors therefore your choice for condo is endless.
We’ll give you our professional view on choosing colors to make the biggest impact.
As a landlord, I inform my tenants that they can paint the condo any color they want, as long as it’s white when they are about moving out.
Residential painting can bring life and individuality to your living space, without creating difficulties.

  • Easy to Clean, Clean and Easy

Painted condo walls can be easier to wipe down after spills and scuffs, and can actually help reduce the amount of dirt and dust in your rooms, which in turn improves the quality of air you breathe in your condo.


Looking for ideas for your own condo makeover?
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