Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

NkyPro Painting began serving residential clients, but over the last 10 years our client base has grown to hundreds of business including both large and small. Whether it’s an interior renovation or an exterior one; NkyPro Painting etc. will deliver the same level of professionalism and care for your business.
Our business mostly focuses on commercial painting and office painting for now. Therefore we are truly Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati’s top-rated industrial painting contractor.
Commercial painting services NkyPro Painting etc. offer include painting services for:
office, townhouse and apartment complexes, daycares and nurseries, small and large businesses, retail stores, fast food outlets and restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, schools, factories , New industrial building renovations, Pre-construction painting, Underground parking and garage painting, hotels and motels, dance studios and gyms, arenas and entertainment venues, graffiti removal, line painting and line marking

Commercial painting from NkyPro Painting etc includes:

office painting
medical offices
townhouse and apartment complexes exterior-painting-contractor-Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati
daycares and nurseries
small and large businesses
retail stores
fast food outlets and restaurants
hospitals and nursing homes
new industrial building renovations
pre-construction painting
underground parking garage painting
hotels and motels
dance studios and gyms
arenas and entertainment venues
graffiti removal
line painting and line marking
epoxy and concrete floor painting

Commercial Painting Services in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati area

Though Commercial painting has its own challenges and requirements, but be rest assured we are more than ready to help.
We handle various large-scale jobs that even some popular painting contractors offering similar services couldn’t handle. We will also work around your business needs to reduce interruption of business activities, clients activities, and employees operation.
We also work in the evenings or even overnight when required, we put our client’s interest first in every project we engage in; making use of paints with low volatile organic compound (low VOC paints) for painting your commercial building.
For buildings that require good air e.g. hospitals and banks this type of paint is a must because air toxicity to your clients due to fresh paint will be at its minimum this will help improve the quality of your business and protect your investment for years to come.
We have completed numerous projects around Northern Kentucky & its environs, e.g. McDonalds, Fifth third bank, City of Bellevue, and City of Cincinnati and recently a large 56 townhouse complex of exterior slid and doors.
Why Use NKY Pro Painting?
At Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, NKY Pro Painting is dedicated to making your painting experience flawless and more satisfying.
To ensure your satisfaction; being one of the top rated commercial painting contractors in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati we offer :
A 2 year guarantee of services rendered for commercial painting and projects in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati.

We ensure that all our staffs and workers attend to clients in a friendly and polite way.

We have 10 years of professional experience in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati painting industry.

Our workers get full compensation this makes them happy continuing working with us.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and also a top rated painting contractor in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati.

We are a referral partner for many Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati General contractors e.g. The Home Depot and Sherwin Williams.

We are a certified member of contractor check.

We offer daily and weekly painting job updates.
Early arrival of our professional painters.

All our painters go through a criminal background check.

We use environmentally friendly paints (low/zero VOC paints).

24 hours customer support service.

Our team of workers are truly dedicated in ensuring a professional job.

We use drop sheets and coverings of other properties to prevent stains.

We also ensure a clean and neat work site.

We do dry-wall and plaster work when needed

We also render carpentry services when needed.

We also repair and fix water-damaged areas.

We also repair and restore damaged wood surfaces
and much more!!!

Being a top rated industrial and highly rated company in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati; we are dedicated to making your commercial property special and unique to your taste. We are also flexible with business hours; this will reduce disruption to your clients or employees.