Repair Water Damage Job we completed in Ft. Thomas house in Northern Kentucky

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September 8, 2015

Repair Water Damage Job we completed in Ft. Thomas house in Northern Kentucky

Being a homeowner, I know how annoying water damage may be. You have a beautiful room with lovely furniture, but there is water damage in one of the rooms; making it look irritating. It will be more embarrassing when you have guests but you feel uncomfortable entertaining them due to the water damage.This makes me sympathize whenever we get calls for water damage repairs from homeowners.
Our recent water damage repair job was in Northern Kentucky at a house in Ft. Thomas. The beautiful house needed a plaster job in some of the main rooms; the client was very restless because of this and hired us to make repairs as soon as possible. We tried to make the repairs as soon as possible knowing how uncomfortable this will be in a main room. We saw that the paint has started peeling and plaster was also damaged; thus causing some bubbles in the ceiling.
To start, we had to cut an entire square since the area was soggy and damaged. Because it was still a bit damp we had to let it dry out for about 2days.Unfortunately, we did this in July when humidity was relatively high. This made the job take longer than usual because drying the plastering was an issue we also had to clean up the room. Plastering a wall and ceiling may take time depending on the amount of damage. After completing our work, the client was very happy because the damages had been fixed.
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