7 Tips on Getting a Cheap Price Quote from Your Painter

Questions You Must Ask Your Painter Before Hiring
September 8, 2015

7 Tips on Getting a Cheap Price Quote from Your Painter

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There are many things that affect a painting price quotation. I have met with lot of clients and can tell you there are definitely ways to get a cheap quotation from your painting contractor around Tri-State area.

Below are some tips on what to ask your painter in order to get a cheap quote.

1. TIME AND FLEXIBILITY: If there is enough time and you don’t have a deadline for painting your property, it would be wise to tell the painter that you are not in a hurry. During the winter, a painter will likely charge less than they do during peak or busy season.
With time flexibility your painting contractor will likely reduce charges thereby reducing your painting quote.

2. EMPTY YOUR HOUSE: Moving, arranging the furniture, emptying the room for the task to be done is a known time waster for every painter. Therefore if your house is empty, chances are there that you will get a cheaper quote. Make an offer to help transfer or arrange the furniture and ask them if they will reduce the painting quote if you move or arrange all your furniture yourself.

3. LET THE PAINTER CHOOSE HIS/HER BRAND: Painting contractors sometimes get discounts from considerate paint manufacturers. This does not mean that will be getting a cheap paint in return; as long as it is top quality paint let them choose. The discount given to them may likely reflect in the quotation given you.

4. MAKE PAYMENT TERMS FLEXIBLE: Recognize your painting contractor comfortable and easy means of receiving funds or payments, enquire if they allow payments by cheque or master cards. Ask them if it will affect the painting quote. Try making a deposit because making deposits shows your commitment to using them.

5. GET MULTIPLE QUOTES: It is wise to get other painting contractors estimates. Some painting contractors give a free online cost estimate for painting a house. This is important if you have never hired a painter before. If you don’t have the time or cannot go through other quotes ask the painting contractor if he/she will give you a discount if you forego other quotes.

6. PAINTING MORE: Try to include a little work e.g. a small room.
Your painting contractor will likely charge less; though it may cost a bit more in some cases!

7. POLITELY ASK: Be polite and courteous when asking for a cheap quote. Most home painters will be very happy to help you in any way they can; sometimes more than expected. Make sure you select a painting contractor you feel good and comfortable with and who will deliver a good job because you wouldn’t like a job of inferior quality.
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