Questions You Must Ask Your Painter Before Hiring

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Questions You Must Ask Your Painter Before Hiring

Are you thinking of how to hire a Painter that will meet your requirements?

There are certain things you need know before hiring just any type of painter, though it may sometimes be difficult finding a painter you can trust or someone professionally qualified to do your job to satisfaction.
Do you need a reliable and trust worthy house painter? No problem. We are going to give you a list of some critical and important questions you should ask a local painter/ painting contractor to make sure they are qualified to do your job.
10 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Painter
Ask for a written warranty from an authority. There should minimum of 1 year warranty from a recognized authority to cover all seasons of deterioration.
Ask for a clearance certificate from Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) the reason is; if a painting contractor does not have a clearance certificate and a painter gets injured during work; then you or your house insurance will be liable for the worker’s wages as well as medical expenses.
Enquire if there is a liability insurance there should be minimum of $1 million liability insurance, though $5 million liability insurance is preferred.
Ask for the contractor’s level or years of experience it should be minimum of 5 years, but preferably 10 years in the business.

Ask the painting contractor for reference i.e. past clients, trusted references or commercial corporations.

You need to enquire if the painter or painting contractor has any worker with a criminal background or record. This can also be checked online.
Ask for police clearance checks or ask for their clearance badge that all staff should have if they have been checked.

Ask for portfolios from previous jobs; before & after photos of work done are a great way to see results.
Ask if they have any local business address or business card

Ask for the time to be taken in completing the painting project and include it a written document.

Ask for the quality of materials that will be used. Make sure the paint is from a reputable paint brand. Using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints is recommended for the environment and the health of people, especially for interior painting.

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